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Solve problems together effectively with design thinking best practices and A.I. suggestions—no learning curve.

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Built-in design thinking best practices. No learning curve.

A quick, customizable step by step process to unleash your team's creativity and make a decision.
Step 1 showing idea generation
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Step 3 showing categorize by themes
Step 4 showing anonymous voting
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Easier than a “digital whiteboard.” More powerful than a doc.

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AI suggestions

Use the advances in A.I for idea generation and categorization.

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Eliminate group think

Discover the best ideas with anonymous ideas & voting.

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Skip onboarding & setup

Nothing to teach participants. Save time and energy and get straight to it.

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Customize with modular tactics

Add different tactics and activities in one click based on what you need.

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Get rid of clutter

Automatically keep everything organized and easily understand results.

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1-click collaboration

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